Change port number in aem

Adobe Experience Manager is the most popular Content Management System so far. In sequential tutorials you learn about what is aem exactly, and all about its Aem architecture, different technologies used in aem.

Adobe Experience Manager is backed by java, OSGI, Sling etc which makes it more popular and power full. So come to the point back. Adobe Experience manager provide you a way so you can change everything as you want from custom installation to deployment.

To change aem port number steps are:

1.Log in into your instance.

2.Go to ConfigMgr follow this link. http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr

adobe experience manager

3.Search for apache felix jetty Based.

4. A “apache felix jetty Based http service” popup window will appear and where you see HTTP port 4502 (current/default).

adobe experience manager

5.Change this port number and save it.

adobe Experience manager

6.Restart your instance with new port number, and if you try to login with old port number it will give error.

Adobe Experience Manager comes with lots of features and technology stacks. To learn about Adobe Experience Manager follow Aem tutorial  .