Online Tar Compaction for AEM

Why AEM Tar Compaction

AEM Tar Compaction is useful when your AEM Instance start working slowly and your local disk space it is getting Increase. So, to free disk space and increase the performance of the AEM instance can speed up the working of AEM Instance

How to Do Online Tar Compaction for AEM

To perform the Online AEM Tar Compaction for AEM Quick-start repository, so it can free unwanted disk space and increase the performance of the AEM instance can speed up the working of AEM Instance. We can also perform the Offline AEM Tar Compaction for AEM Instance, but it is the best effective solution for decreasing the AEM instance size and increasing the Speed of AEM Instance.

Online AEM Tar Compaction can be done manually and can be do automatically OR Run Online Tar Compaction Revision Cleanup by means you can set time, So it will start automatically on specified time and can perform the cleanup revision.

First, we will see how to Run Online Revision Cleanup by setting start and end time for Online Tar Compaction.

Let’s start without any delay.

How to Run Online Revision Cleanup

Run your AEM Instance. In the main AEM window, go to Tools -> Operations -> Dashboard -> Maintenance OR you can direct get the location of maintenance window just point to your browser and hit enter.


  1. You can choose any of the option and can do the Online AEM Tar Compaction.

Here we are going with Daily Maintenance option. Just Do Hover over Daily Maintenance Window and click the Settings icon, as shown in below screenshot.

After that you will see a popup window for Daily Maintenance Window as shown in Screenshot.

Where you can see many options for Online AEM Tar Compaction you can select Daily, Weekly and Monthly as well. You can also start the Time as well so it will start at specified time and can end automatically at specified time.

Enter the desired values (recurrence, start time, end time) and click Save.

How to Run Online AEM Tar Compaction Revision cleanup task manually

Another way to perform the online tar compaction is manually, if you want to run the tar compaction revision task manually, you can do it I the following way:

  1. Go to Tools -> Operations -> Dashboard -> Maintenance OR you can go directly by browsing the URL just change your port number.
  2. http://localhost:4509/libs/granite/operations/content/maintenance.html
  3. Click on the Daily Maintenance Window.AEM tar compaction
  4. Just do Hover on the Revision Cleanup icon.
  5. After that click on the Run/start button to start the cleanup manually.aem tar compactionWant to show you one more thing about disk usage where, you can see the which folder occupied how much memory; it can be further useful. Just hit the URL and you can see the result graph.


    Disk usage in aem

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